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Accreditation and Testing Services

An industry established test lab that provides application and solution accreditation, and customised testing services.


Our Services

Product Accreditation

Building on over 20 years of software, solution, and application testing, the West Coast Labs product accreditation programmes promote user confidence of the tested solutions. 

PRODUCT Validated

The West Coast Labs Product Validation is designed to provide an industry leading total-product evaluation service. With testing requirements built around the type of application, service, or solution being offered, all technologies may be considered for validation; from security solutions through to system maintenance tools, utility applications, and more.

Checkmark Certification

One of the oldest, continually running, anti-virus certification bodies in the world, the Checkmark logo has adorned the boxes, websites, and interfaces of many of the leading security solutions.  


Testing Services

On top of an industry leading accreditation scheme, West Coast Labs also offers a range of flexible testing services that can be tailored to your needs.

Stock Market Graph

A continuous testing service, responding to real-world threats as they happen.


Computer Programming

Independent development and quality testing of your application, tailored to suit your requirements.


Business meeting

Design the test that matches your needs, built with the guidance and experience of West Coast Labs.



Person Analyzing Data

West Coast Labs. Your first choice for testing.

Bringing almost 30 years of experience, in both commercial product testing and government accreditation, West Coast Labs will work with you to create and conduct the test you need.

Ready to find out more?

Contact the lab today to begin creating a testing profile and to discuss your West Coast Labs test.

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