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West Coast Labs

 The West Coast Labs business philosophy is founded on quality and excellence with all testing activities carried out in a secure, real-world test environment and within a framework of confidentiality that ensures integrity of information and test data.

WCL prides itself on its open and proactive working relationship with all its clients through ongoing and meaningful communication.

The outcome is a sound technical working relationship, which ensures the client derives maximum benefit from engaging with an independent test facility that can also act as a conduit to a global buying market for security products and services.

Certification and Accreditation

Since its inception, West Coast Labs has offered a product certification scheme via the Checkmark Certified programme. This has since been expanded to include the West Coast Labs Validated accreditation scheme.

Through the combined product certification and accreditation services, products can achieve a total verification of their legitimacy, functionality, and effectiveness.

All manor of product types and technologies are tested across the certification and accreditation programmes, with new testing frameworks developed to suit your product’s requirements if not already covered.

Successful products will be listed on the West Coast Labs website and be awarded use of the applicable West Coast Labs accreditation logos.

Contact West Coast Labs to discuss your verification requirements and construct a tailored verification profile.

Testing Services

In addition to an industry established certification scheme, West Coast Labs also offer a range of testing services.


RealTime Continuous Testing – A dedicated testing framework for anti-malware solutions, that includes exposure to latest outbreaks as well as the opportunity to upload your own test sets.


Product Development Testing – Keep on top of your product’s performance, as it’s developed, with your own West Coast Labs product team. Nominate the testing criteria and submit your builds to receive an independent report.


Custom Testing – Submit your outline to the lab and we’ll work with you to create a fully customized set of test cases and methodologies to meet your criteria; regardless of scale, technology, or timeframe.

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