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Why wait until you've gone to market to test your product? With the West Coast Labs Development Testing programme, you can work with the lab to submit application builds during development and keep track of it's operational status and performance as you go.

Designate your own test criteria and the lab will provide you with regular updates. With the option of including West Coast Labs Product, Performance, and Custom Validated accreditation prior to launch.


Submit builds at development milestones

Instead of waiting for your product to reach the release candidate stage, the Development Testing service can help you monitor product performance at each stage, from early alpha through to final build.

Customised criteria

You decide where and what the focus of Development Testing should be. Whether this is tracking the performance of the core technology or general operation and functionality. 

Continuous feedback to aid development

Connect your development teams with the West Coast Labs testing team and receive continuous feedback from ongoing testing.

Submit release candidate for WCL Accreditation prior to launch

Enter your product for West Coast Labs Accreditation or Checkmark Certification prior to launch. Enhance your marketing with pre-existing, independent verification.

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