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Design a test that meets your requirements, from the nature of the test through to timescale. West Coast Labs have extensive experience in creating and executing custom tests in a range of sectors. The lab can advise on testing scale, timeframe, datapoints, and scope.

While we’re confident that our range of certifications, accreditations, and testing services provide you everything you need to evaluate your solution(s), we understand that there may be a specific set of criteria or scenarios that you need examined. The West Coast Labs Custom Testing service is a fully customizable approach to testing.


Specify technology type to be tested

Your Custom Test could compare your technology against similar competitors or a proof of concept for your new technology.

Scale the test to generate the data levels required

Specify the timeframe from days to months, number of deployments, or specify minimum data threshold requirements.

Select operating systems and environment

Dictate the operating system versions, hardware or virtual environments, inclusion of network entities, or build-in specific vulnerabilities.

Specify report content and report frequency

Reports can be delivered with testing in progress through timeframe or observation milestones, or as a single test report on completion.

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