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Now entering its 10th year of operation, West Coast Labs’ proprietary REALTime testing service is the only continuous anti-malware testing and analysis service available.


Designed from the ground up to assist you in ongoing development and maintaining product performance, the REALTime service is an invaluable tool.


The service includes the option to use West Coast Labs malware feeds or to upload and test against your own custom sets as a means of getting independent verification of specific detection capabilities.


Contact West Coast Labs today to discuss how you can enrol your solution in the only complete product accreditation service.

Person Analyzing Statistics

Always On

Your testing needs may not always have the luxury of waiting for test windows and scheduled testing. In response to this, the WCL RealTime service is designed to provide continuous,  round-the-clock testing. Once enrolled, your solution is added to a permanent test bed that enables reflexive testing and response to threat events as they occur.

Malware Sample Selection

Each product within the WCL RealTime programme can be tested against an array of threat categories depending on your specific requirements. Whether this is the selection of malware category, malware families, or by associated threat level.

Malware Upload Service

Sometimes you may have specific testing requirements down to individual samples and variants, or even as part of proof-of-concept tests. As part of the RealTime service, you can upload your own binaries for testing against your solution and receive independent verification of detection.

Tailored Reports

Do you want high-level detection summaries or in-depth threat mitigation analysis? Do you need daily reports or weekly summaries? As a member of the RealTime service, tailor what is included in your reports and the frequency with which you receive them.

Event Reaction

With the always-on nature of the WCL RealTime service, testing can react to real-world events and outbreaks as they occur. Let your customers know that they're protected against threats as they appear. 


RealTime | Tiers

Tier 1

  • Standard detection rate

  • Daily testing

  • Malware data feedback

  • Upload custom malware

Tier 2

  • Detection rate statistical breakdown

  • Hourly testing

  • Malware data feedback

  • Upload custom malware

  • Threat level analysis

  • False positive detections

Tier 3

  • Detection rate statistical breakdown

  • Hourly testing (inc. 0-day)

  • Malware data feedback

  • Upload custom malware

  • Threat level analysis

  • False positive detections

  • Real-world event reaction testing

  • Application exploit and delivery mechanism testing

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