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West Coast Labs product validation is based on years of government accreditation testing. An evolution of traditional product certification schemes that often focus on single metrics to determine a product’s viability.

Ownership Lifecycle

The WCL Product Validation scheme encompasses the full ownership experience, from purchase through to removal, and includes deployment, administration, support, and functionality.

Each stage of testing includes multiple test requirements that are independently validated by the lab.

Universal vs Tailored Testing

Not all applications may take the same approach to providing an advertised functionality, or include the same feature sets or technologies. The WCL Validated approach contains a mix of universal test requirements and those that are tailored to better evaluate the exact approach taken by the tested solution. including where solutions employ a unique technology or functionality.​ Each tested solution may be assigned to a product category, with specific included functions and features listed per product. 

All product types and included features are accepted for inclusion in the WCL Validated framework, from anti-malware solutions and utility applications through to enterprise level services. Check with the lab today to tailor your product profile.

Adds test requirements designed to verify claims, nominated by the vendor, about the tested solution.

Expandable Testing and Scope

Further to the baseline Product Validation accreditation, testing may be expanded to include enhanced validation in one or more of the following areas:

Adds test requirements that examine the efficacy  and performance of the highlighted technology. Includes a full statistical report where applicable.

Adds test requirements that demonstrate the accuracy and validity of the customer support provided to the user.

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