It is only prudent to evaluate and compare various security products using your specific operating environment in the evaluation process. In the past, organizations have made purchase decisions based on data sheets or product brochures only to find the product is insufficient for their specific operating environment. Problem areas such as reduced end user productivity or a lack of security coverage with their specific applications are common without proper testing and evaluation. On-Site Lab from West Coast Labs helps organization ensure the security solution they select is the most appropriate for a specific operating environment and end user machines.


At West Coast Labs we take a different approach to providing test data. First we analyze the overall environment from both a technical requirement and business function perspective. We then work with you to co-develop testing methodologies that assure proper due diligence within your current evaluation. This same process can then be used in the future to map out a direction based on the business need. The result is more efficiency throughout the process decreasing the total cost of ownership over each new solutions lifespan.


Information Security Technologies change at a rapid pace. Tracking that change is a large task that often leaves a corporation with enormous amounts of information and no way of telling what is relevant to their network.

Whether you are an early adopter or have solutions in place that are very efficient, West Coast Labs can help you justify the need for change by cutting through the hype specific to new and existing technologies.


The following is a short list of things you should consider when you look at advancements in existing security solutions and emerging technologies:

  • What is the business case?
  • What operational functions will it effect?
  • Is there a clear path to ROI?
  • Who will manage the process from evaluation through deployment?
  • What group will manage the solution post-deployment?
  • Our performance testing is designed to provide data in these areas.