How do you know a security technology will deliver the type of business and technical benefits you need to cost justify its deployment?

WCL can do the job for you by building a test environment that replicates your corporate network and give you critical data to make the right management and purchasing decision.


Do you know the Total Cost of Ownership, or the overall impact on system and network performance of your existing security solutions? How would it compare to a new technology or advanced functionality within another offering? Before you go somewhere you need to know where you are starting from. West Coast Labs offers testing services that remove the guesswork and provide actual data to reinforce better decision-making. Contact us for more information.


Information Security Technologies perform differently in every environment. With On-Site Lab from West Coast Labs, implementers have the ability to test and tune images prior to deployment to help ensure the best deployment experience is obtained.


West Coast Labs can create a custom evaluation plan that includes vendor interaction, infrastructure design and implementation, all the way through to comparative results. The results of the evaluation not only reports on the efficiency of the protection mechanism, it will also provide insight into critical business measurements such as TCO and ROI.