One of the issues with leveraging the existing purchases is being able to test and verify that the right services of the solution are actually being deployed and that the solution is truly capable of meeting the security needs of the organization. With the right testing, an organization can determine if the investment they have already made towards security can be leveraged sufficiently to avoid making new purchases of security software. On-Site Lab from West Coast Labs enables organizations to perform security product testing to help ensure the right features of previously purchased products can meet the security needs of the organization.


How do you measure the effectiveness of an existing current security solution? Or compare it to a new technology or advanced functionality within a current offering? The answer is not just about technology, it’s about business needs. What is the expected Return on Investment, and the overall impact on system and network performance? West Coast Labs can help guide you through the early steps of this process with a goal of executing successful procurements.


Information Security Technologies change at a rapid pace. Tracking that change is a large task that often leaves a corporation with enormous amounts of information and no way of telling what is relevant to their network.

Whether you are an early adopter or have solutions in place that are very efficient, West Coast Labs can help you justify the need for change by cutting through the hype specific to new and existing technologies.


The following is a short list of things you should consider when you look at advancements in existing security solutions and emerging technologies:

  • What is the business case?
  • What operational functions will it effect?
  • Is there a clear path to ROI?
  • Who will manage the process from evaluation through deployment?
  • What group will manage the solution post-deployment?
  • Our performance testing is designed to provide data in these areas.