West Coast Labs announces New Enterprise Level Testing

06 Jan West Coast Labs announces New Enterprise Level Testing


Initial Program Validates Mobile Application Security

Launched by CheckmarkCertified.com and Powered by NewSky Security AppRisk™ Platform

Bellevue, Washington, December 29th 2015  West Coast Labs LLC (WCL), a global leader in research, testing, certification, and real-time performance validation for information security products with technology partner NewSky Security LLC (formerly known as 0XID LLC), announces the introduction of a state-of-the-art Mobile Application Security Certification practice – the latest test regiment in its Enterprise Level Checkmark Certified portfolio.

Delivered through CheckmarkCertified.com, this new Enterprise Level Program provides customers with a high level of assurance that their core mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and applications have been engineered and configured to their optimal security level.  From cellular and Wi-Fi mobile device applications to embedded IoT and Point-of-Sale systems, and from enterprise and cloud computing infrastructures to legacy systems, WCL tests, analyses and provides customers with trusted assurance that their solutions have undergone an in-depth and stringent testing process.

According to Scott Markle, CEO, West Coast Labs –
The past year has marked the completion of the transition from static protection mechanisms to innovative dynamic security solutions.  As a full service test and evaluation lab we have marched in step with that change. Not only have we created new methods of testing against the global threat landscape, this new Checkmark Certified program includes a continuous and evolutionary process as new vulnerabilities and potential threats likewise appear on a continuous basis.

Enterprise Level Certification – new Focus on Enterprise Mobile Applications and IoT Devices
The CheckmarkCertified.com initiative provides corporations with a high level of assurance that the software components forming their security infrastructure have been engineered for maximum efficacy to support the business functions they were designed to protect, while at the same time taking into account the performance and usability factors within the overall process.  This represents a major shift within the industry and a key reason for WCL adopting this new initiative.  Enterprise Level Checkmark Certification is a testing service that provides clients and their customers with continuous validation that the tested solutions meets vendors’ performance and functionality claims.  The initial platforms covered by this new initiative include:

  • Endpoint, Mobile and IoTconsisting of the following technologies; Anti-Malware Suites, NextGen AV, Mobile Platform, Mobile Applications, and IoT devices. The return on investment for the protection of individual platforms is far greater than traditional methods of protection.

According to Scott Wu, CEO, NewSky Security LLC –
Mobile and IoT are the new secure nightmare for IT professionals as the attacks now are everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Ponemon survey shows 63% of corporations that reported data breach admit it was a result of mobile security issues. According to our sandbox test, 80% of mobile applications are observed with at least one high risk vulnerability. NewSky Security AppRisk™ Vulnerability Detection platform provides predictive risk assessment and monitoring across the lifecycle of mobile applications and IoT devices. NewSky Security AppRisk™ Intelligence empowers IT professionals to stay informed of corporate data risks, and keep up with the threat actors in this growing battlefield.

Checkmark Mobile Application Certification requires that developers submit to continuous deployment and testing to validate the application’s resilience to emergent threats.  Initial vulnerability assessment powered by NewSky Security AppRisk™ covers static code assessment, privilege abuse investigation, 3rd party SDK usage, app hardening and dynamic behavioral analysis. Once the initial assessment is completed and the high risk issues are resolved, the tested mobile application is placed into ongoing retest and monitoring to assess its resilience to the emerging attacks and environmental changes.  This test methodology is aligned with the guidance from Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), with criteria covering SQL injection, cross site scripting (XSS), cross site request forgery (CSRF), pass the hash (PtH), Denial of Service (DoS), among other criteria. High quality enterprise mobile applications that meet criteria in the six months test are rewarded with Checkmark Mobile Application Certification.

The Checkmark Certified programs validate the functionality and performance of both content and network security technologies in a range of threat scenarios and attack vectors through standard baseline benchmarking tests resulting in industry accepted standards. Those products registered and tested in the standard certification programs are eligible to display the Standard Checkmark logo.

About CheckmarkCertified.com
Checkmark is the world’s leading certification system for information security products and services. This highly regarded accreditation program is used by a wide range of security products and services to provide assurance that they perform to industry accepted standards.

About NewSky Security LLC
NewSky Security LLC is a Redmond, WA mobile and IoT startup focusing on vulnerability detection and enterprise data breach prevention. It was founded by security veterans from McAfee and Microsoft, aiming to provide predictive mobile threat monitoring and BYOD security solution for corporate IT professionals.

About West Coast Labs, LLC
Based in Bellevue, WA, West Coast Labs LLC is a global leader in technical research, testing and the Checkmark Certification of information security products and services. With market-leading research and testing facilities in the USA, and UK, West Coast Labs’ services and the Enterprise Checkmark Certification System are used by both the leading information security brands as well as governments and enterprises worldwide. As an independent organization, West Coast Labs enables enterprises to leverage best of breed testing capabilities with unbiased feedback focused on informing procurement decisions.

For more information
Contact Scott Markle, smarkle@westcoastlabs.com

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