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Search Methods:

The site provides two specific search methods which are as follows:

Checkmark Certification:
The Checkmark Certification section allows you to search for checkmark test data on specific products. You can search for products by Keyword, Technology Group or by Vendor.

You can perform a specific keyword search through a number of different filters; checkmark certified and product test reports.

West Coast Labs Reports:

There are a number of different reports on the website. These are as follows:

Technology Reports:
A Technology Report concentrates on testing products across a specific Technology Group. This report is published exclusively through SC Magazine and can be downloaded from the Technology Report section.

AEach product tested in the report has a separate detailed report that can also be downloaded from the website.

Product Test Reports:
Product Test Reports are independent tests carried out by West Coast Labs. These reports can be downloaded from the website.

Other Information:

The sitemap lists all the pages on West Coast Labs. The sitemap can also help you find the information you are looking for.

Document Formats:
All documents on this website are produced in PDF format. Most computers already have the software to view PDF documents. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader (for reading PDFs), it is available from the Adobe website.

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