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About West Coast Labs

Information Security Evaluation and Performance Testing

West Coast Labs LLC (WCL) is one of the world’s leading independent test facilities. Specializing in product testing and certification, WCL provides a range of services for security technology vendors, to meet their requirements for independent validation of product functionality and performance. With over 20 years experience in testing leading edge technologies, WCL provides an authoritative and independent service, delivering sound, meaningful technical information on which critical business decisions can be made.

The company has a global client base of Fortune 500/1000 companies, government agencies and leading technology developers, providing a wide range of product testing and technical consultancy services. With its leading-edge Real Time testing program, West Coast Labs is better placed than any other test facility to provide independent product performance data in ‘real time’ across multiple attack vectors.

About West Coast Labs
Functionality Testing

Find out a security solution interacts within the business functions it is designed to protect. A key component in determining cost of ownership.


Determine the user perception impact for endpoints as well as the throughput and failover points for network infrastructure.

Platform Security

Measure stability and hardening of the three major platforms; infrastructure, endpoint (incl. mobile and IoT), and cloud-based.

Infosec Consulting

Discuss trends and gain insight into the current threat landscape and the myriad of technologies available in the industry today.